SSL Connectivity for all Central Repository users Underway

New Algorithm to Why Your Website Keeps Getting Outperformed

SSL stands for Secured Sockets Layer and is a standard security protocol for establishing encrypted linked between a web server and a browser in an online communication. Essentially, it encrypts your data keeping your web browsing secure.
SSL Certificates are blocks of code on a web server that provide security for communications online. Having and SSL certified website changes your URL from HTTP to HTTPS, or Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure. HTTPS provides your users with a secure connection on pages where they share personal information with you. Google is calling for HTTPS everywhere, and when Google asks, we listen.
time and time again, it pays to be at the top of search engines. Clients can’t give you their business if they can’t find your company!
It also means that sites that are still HTTP will be labeled “not secure,” which also has the potential to drive customers away. Having website security in such a digital age as today is crucial! So you should at least consider getting SSL certified
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