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How To Enable Night Mode In Pubg Mobile

enable night mode in pubg mobile

Enable Night Mode In Pubg Mobile

Enable night mode in pubg mobile Hey Guys In this article I will tell Give You Latest How To Enable Night Mode In Pubg Mobile  map many of peoples are play a pubj game and Pubj game is very popular in day bay day So  Now Available Download From Here Website So lets We Explore It How can we enabled Night Mod In Pubj Mobile

So Guys Now Finally I am come with a solution, to  how you can get night mode in PUBG MOBILE See and I have some Tips For You Guys, if you follow my tips then I am 100% sure You will get Night Mode In Your PUBG MOBILE With Any MAP. So let see these tips to enable night mod in pubj any map

First of All know Information of Pubj Mobile In Night Mode

What Is Pubj Mobile Night Mode

PUBG MOBILE NIGHT MODE – Night Mode is The Latest feature Of PUBG MOBILE 0.9.0 and this is already realized this feature this feature is basically developed for PUBJ Daily Players And Lovers So lest move on know how can enable it

PUBG Night Mode – How To Enable It

Night Mode For PUBG, I know you are very excited about PUBG MOBILE NIGHT MODE, so let’s see How to play Night Mode in Pubg mobile 0.9.5 

Follow these Tips and you can 100% Enabled This Feature to enable night mode in pubg mobile

enable night mode in pubg mobile

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Note: You have must Know this feature only works on the latest PUBJ Mobile application Game so First Of all, you need to download latest versions Of PUBJ Mobile click here download
Second Step 2 


enable night mode in pubg mobile
enable night mode in pubg mobile

After Update Pubj Mobile When You Open Your PUBG MOBILE in your smartphone or Emulator, Then When you go to play Your PUBG MOBILE game in any map, You have 30 Second Time in your Play Area Before The Starting Of Game. Then Check This Type Of Information { Night/Day }. if you see this type of text in your Right Side In your game Then you will get 100% Night Mode In Your PUBG MOBILE. Is Enabled You Need to Only Update and After go to play then you see in after 30 seconds Day night Option Then You Can Play in Night Mod

So these are tips to enabled night mod in pubj mobile hope you can now play night mod and enjoy I hope you like this tips and method to play on night mod  pubj you have any inquiry then please free to ask the  comment section

New Weather, Map Improvements, Festival Effects ——
Erangel Improvements
– Added Night Mode to Erangel. The map will alternate between day and night randomly in Classic Mode.
A Movie display style has been added to settings. Once selected, the style will apply to all maps.
– In all maps, the Spawn Island has gone through a festival makeover.
– Interact with other players on Spawn Island by picking up pumpkins and candies.
– Enemies killed by Hellfire — AKM will become scarecrows.
– A spooky face appears when a grenade explodes.
– During the Halloween event period, players have a 50% chance to activate Night Mode.
—— New Weapon, Vehicle & Related Improvements ——
– Added the QBU DMR. It fires 5.56mm rounds and can be found in Sanhok (replacing Mini14).’
— Other Improvements ——
– Bullets now pierce through water but deal a lot less damage to targets under water.
– Added health bar animation when the character loses or recovers health.
– The map marks on the Spawn Island will no longer disappear after characters enter the aircraft. The mini-map will be actively scaled as the player moves in battle.
– Added more icons in kill broadcast.
– The 8 main directions on the compass are easier to recognize now.

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